Cause of Teenage Car Accidents

Cause of Teenage Car Accidents

What’s the Story Behind the Alarming Numbers?

A lot of people do not stop to wonder what the most common cause of teenage car accidents are. After all, teenagers are exposed to drugs, alcohol, and so on. However, the occurrence of car accidents are consistently high and this includes an alarming number of teenage car tragedies. And in order to help stop the growth of this number, the factors behind teenage car accidents should be looked into. Personal Injury Lawyers

When people hear of this, the blame is often pointed to drunk driving and illegal drug influence. While these reasons are valid causes of car accidents, there are other common causes not very much known or that people commonly ignore.

These, however, are important to know because they can help prevent car accidents. It is, thus, extremely important to uncover the number one cause of deaths in youths 15 to 20 years old.

Breaking Rules

First, let us start with one of the most common cause of teenage car accidents: drunk driving. Parties all-night-long, overflowing drinks that they never seem to get tired of. Teenagers have a whole lot of energy and, obviously, you can’t expect them to sit all day and all night at home.

And alcoholic drinks are often fixtures in such parties. Sometimes, with peer pressure that most commonly leads teens to ignoring their personal limits, they do what they think their peers find cool, which includes drinking alcohol.

Unfortunately, teenagers who drive their cars naturally have to drive themselves and sometimes, their friends, home. This is when most teenage car accidents happen.

In connection to this, another cause of car accidents is driving during dark evenings. Most of the recorded cases of teenage car accidents occur during the night. This may be related to the fact that parties end very late at night or during the wee hours of the morning.

This is when drunk teenagers drive or those under the influence of drugs are on their way home, sometimes alone or sometimes with some of their friends. And even when they’re not drunk, the dim road makes it hard for the drivers to see and thus makes it more probable for a car accident to occur. accident attorneys

Rules and laws have been imposed regarding underage drinking, drunk driving, and using illegal drugs. However, people often break them and teens are not an exception.

Do not Distract

Another common cause of teenage car accidents is distraction from passengers. Young or new drivers are most vulnerable to this since they are not yet used to being the drivers. As opposed to being a mere passenger, the driver has to have complete focus and presence of mind while driving.

Passengers, on the other hand, have the option of chatting endlessly with other passengers, playing with handy gaming consoles, eating, reading, and the likes. Drivers may get dangerous distractions especially on long trips that could cause serious car accidents. Too much noise, which is also very common to young groups of friends on the road, may be a very big source of dangerous distractions.

Aside from distraction from passengers, distraction from one’s own gadgets is also something we may want to prevent. Some drivers might think texting or talking on the phone while driving wouldn’t do them any danger, but research proves that wrong. According to several researches, the number of car accidents caused by cellular phone distractions increase every year.

When you text while driving, teens sometimes let their pinky finger do the steering or even let their knees balance the wheel. This is very dangerous, counting the fact that driving behaviors and reaction speeds may change when one is distracted. Yes, teens love their cellular phones, which is their ultimate link to the world, and this is why this counted as a very common cause of teenage car accidents.

No Drowse?

Aside from that, studies also show that teens tend to get rather sleepy while driving. This is why sleepiness is also pointed as a common cause of teenage car accidents. If driving with companions gives dangerous distractions that may cause accidents, driving alone, on the other hand, sometimes make people sleepy and also cause crashes.

Sleepiness may cause the driver to just doze off while on the wheel, and this is very dangerous both for him and for other motorists. There are several reasons for sleepiness; teens, who go to school and sometimes goes out with friends at night, usually don’t get enough sleep. However, sometimes, sleepiness is brought on by medication or by a sleeping disorder.

Not the Driver’s Fault, at Times

Aside from the common causes of teenage car accidents enumerated, we shouldn’t forget that sometimes, someone else other than the teenagers had been negligent. Drivers aren’t always the ones to blame for car accidents. A poor traffic system may also cause accidents, unexpected road blocks without reflectors, and other such things.

Teenage drivers must be responsible enough to prevent the occurrence of car accidents, but both parents and the traffic system should provide guidance and help in preventing the common cause of teenage car accidents.
Do’s: As parents, teach teens how to be responsible drivers. As teens, recognize the dangers you are in once you take the wheel, and be mature and responsible drivers.
Don’ts: Do not drive when you are not in the best condition to.

The Verdict

The rate of car accidents involving teenagers are continuously increasing. To help prevent such accidents, it is important to look into what could be the main cause of teenage car accidents. These causes should then be dealt with and protected against to help save the lives of thousands of teenagers whose life are put to risk each time they take the wheel.


How to Drain a Hot Water Heater

How to Drain a Hot Water Heater

Thе plumbing system іѕ a vital раrt οf thе home whісh requires care tο keep іt functioning properly. Thе hot water heater іѕ one іmрοrtаnt plumbing fixture thаt requires maintenance іn order tο keep іt running efficiently. Overtime, sediment аnd sludge саn accumulate іn a water tank whісh wіll mаkе thе heater less efficient аnd іt wіll аlѕο shorten іtѕ life span whісh саn bе very expensive tο replace.Water Heater installation Aѕ well, thе accumulation οf sediment аt thе bottom οf thе water tank саn solidify аnd clog thе drain valve. Tο avoid sediment accumulation, іt іѕ іmрοrtаnt tο drain thе hot water heater tο gеt rid οf thе debris аnd sludge.

Thе following іѕ a guide οn hοw tο drain a hot water heater:

1. Thе first thing уου ѕhουld dο іѕ shut οff thе power tο thе water tank. Fοr a gas water heater, turn thе thermostat tο thе ‘pilot’ setting. Fοr аn electric water heater, turn οff thе breaker аt thе main electric panel.

2. Next, turn οff thе main water source. Thеrе wіll bе еіthеr a lever οr knob οn one οf thе water pipes coming out οf thе wall tο thе water heater. Turn іt until thе lever саn nο longer turn.

3. Thе next thing tο dο іѕ locate thе draincock. Thе draincock саn normally bе found аt thе bottom οf thе tank οn thе side. It looks lіkе аn outdoor tap. Gеt a garden hose аnd attach one еnd tο thе draincock аnd extend thе οthеr еnd outdoors ѕο thе water wіll drain outside аnd nοt οn thе floor.

4. Slowly turn thе draincock tο open аnd allow thе water tο flow through thе hose аnd outside. Open thе hot water faucet οf thе bathtub аnd lеt іt rυn. Allow thе water tο rυn until уου nο longer see аnу sludge аnd debris coming out wіth thе water. Thе water ѕhουld bе clear, nοt yellowish brown.

5. Close thе drain valve аnd turn οff thе faucet.

6. Turn thе сοld water supply back οn аnd allow thе tank tο fill. Turn thе power supply back οn аftеr thе tank hаѕ filled wіth сοld water.

Water heater experts recommend thаt homeowners flush thе sediment frοm thеіr water tanks once οr twice a year, depending οn thе quality οf water іn thеіr area. If уου live іn аn area wіth high mineral content іn thе water, draining twice a year mау bе necessary.water heater service
Generally, mοѕt homeowners dο nοt thіnk аbουt maintaining thеіr hot water heater until іt brеаkѕ down аnd thеу еnd up wіth аn expensive repair bill οr replacement tank bill. Bесаυѕе thе hot water tank іѕ аn essential plumbing fixture, іt іѕ essential tο mаkе sure thе unit іѕ properly maintained. It іѕ іmрοrtаnt tο flush thе water tank tο hеlр extend thе life span οf thе water tank. Thеrе аrе professional plumbing services thаt hаνе thе experience аnd expertise tο properly drain a hot water tank аnd check thе tank fοr аnу potential problems.


What are your chances of getting a reduced fine or a complete dismissal?

What are your chances of getting a reduced fine or a complete dismissal?

You may be surprised to learn that there are several things to consider before ending up in traffic court, paying a big fine, logging up points and higher insurance premiums. What are your chances of getting a reduced fine or a complete dismissal?traffic ticket dismissal

Can you get rid of a traffic ticket once it’s been issued? Just like you would call a plumber to fix a leaky pipe, you can call a local traffic school and enlist someone to find any leaks in your case. I would advise skipping the expensive lawyer if this is a first offense, and have an experienced educator look over the ticket details for a fraction of the cost. There are several things to look for when on the receiving end of a traffic violation.

Paperwork can sometimes be the bane of our existence, but it can also be exactly what saves your case in court. When the ticketing officer writes a ticket look closely at the date, time of day, and other pertinent information recorded on the ticket. If any of those facts are skipped or entered inaccurately, you have an automatic dismissal. Cops make mistakes, too. It may not happen often, but it only takes one screw-up to tilt the scales of justice in your favor.

In the event that you are in the wrong and justifiably at fault, your attitude can be a deal breaker. Don’t come off as affronted, annoyed, ticked off or defensive. Keep the tone in your voice low key and businesslike. What is the first thing an officer asks after approaching your car? Usually it’s a version of “Do you know why I pulled you over?” Be polite, but don’t answer anything in the affirmative. If you say “yes I was going 10 miles over the speed limit” a note could be made. Being cooperative does not mean you have to admit guilt. Simply avoid the question and hand the officer your license and registration.

If he asks again answer with the question; Can you tell me, Sir/Mam? Remember any affirmative you answer can be used against you by the ticketing officer. On the other hand, the officer will remember you in court as being compliant if you answer questions non-combatively. Remember, he or she deals with a lot of people on a daily basis, so you don’t want to stick out as one of those he had trouble with. traffic law

When you know your assigned court date, do yourself a favor and enroll in traffic school prior to showing up in court. This pleases the court. The Judge will see you as repentant and pro-active. His sentencing could include a complete dismissal.

Be prepared to fight your case. Learn enough to ask the correct questions and give the appropriate answers. Know the consequences of pleading guilty or not-guilty. Either way know what results from each verdict. Assume you have a chance to win. Winning may be a complete dismissal, or a lesser fine. Always present your case with a calm, businesslike demeanor. States the facts intelligibly and without embellishments. Speak directly to the Judge and not to the officer. Do not try to make the officer “look bad”. Just states the situation cleanly and concisely.

For the sake of an untarnished driving record don’t just accept a ticket as a final sentence. Learn, prepare and practice good common sense while in court to give yourself the best fighting chance you deserve.

Lastly, the best prescription is to drive according to the rules of the road and then you won’t need to take any of the above advice. However, if you have one of those days, – and we all do on occasion, you know what to do.